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Environment Agency River and Sea Level Data
The UK Environment Agency has put together an online application that allows people to view live data relating to river and sea levels from many recording stations around England and Wales. It is a very useful resource and generally kept well up to date due to its live data feeds. An enhancement that I have created to this resource can be viewed here - River Levels
Kayak Rolling
A very usefull series of videos by Chris Spelius for anyone starting out learning to roll and also for the more experienced to keep yout skills up.
Paperclip Blog
Some time ago I was too skint to get a new creek boat. So what was good enough for Kyle McDonald was good enough for me. By sheer cheek and the good will of several people I manged to swap up from a bog standard silver paperclip to a grand Pyranha H3 creek boat. Take a look here to read about my journet along the way. It was fun.
Song of the Paddle
A brilliant resource for all things single blade. This site is for anyone with any interest in whatever aspect of open canoeing. Very friendly and knowledgeable bunch of members. Lots of information and regular meets if that's your thing.
If, like me you are mad on kayaking then you will probably know about this site. UK Rivers Guidebook. If not then for all things paddling related within the UK and beyond that you have questions about, here is probably one of the best places to find out about it. It incorporates UK Sea Kayaking Guidebook too for the aspiring salty sea dogs out there.