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Outfitting a Canoe - Swim Tails

What are Swim Tails?
Swim Tails are short approx. 50cm lengths of web strip at the bow and stern of a canoe (and kayak) that hang off the end loops. They are there to allow a person in the water, during a rescue situation, to hang on to rather than holding the gunwales and risking capsizing the canoe. They are open ended and do not form a loop otherwise it would become a snag hazard.
Some people use rope rather that web strip but it is believed that web strip is easier to hold on to with cold hands.

Swim tails. Look no loops to snag and trap.

You Will Need

  1. 2 x 1m Lengths of 25mm wide webbing strip.

1. If you haven’t got end loops yet then refer to the section of this guide on how to fit End Loops.

2. Fold one length of webbing in half and put in half a twist. Pass the folded end down through the end loop.

3. Now pass the loose ends of your webbing strip down through the loop created in the webbing strip.

4. Pull the loop tight to form a larks foot knot around the end loop.