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Outfitting a Canoe - Sailing Mast Holder

What is a Sailing Mast Holder?
A sailing mast holder is a fixing point to place a canoe pole in when using a canoe sailing kit. You can replace a canoe seat for one that incorporates a mast hole but this how to shows you how to create one far more cost effectively.

Sailing mast holder even Captain Jack Sparrow would be proud of.

You Will Need

  1. Jig Saw
  2. Drill
  3. Screwdriver
  4. 36cm length of 80mm x 20mm Ash wood.
  5. Set Square
  6. Waterproof Contact Adhesive.
  7. Rubber mast foot
  8. 6mm HSS Drill bit
  9. Pencil
  10. 2 x 80mm Stainless steel seat bolts with gunwale washers and nylock nuts.
  11. Tape Measure
  12. Sailing Kit
  13. 32mm Hole Saw
  14. 2 Piece Canoe Pole.

1. Measure in 20mm from one end of your length of ash wood and drill a 32mm hole. Present the wood to the underside of the front seat and ensure there is no overhang at the front.

2. Using a round object (I found a Magners Cider pint glass was ideal) mark around the 32mm hole to mark where the rounded edges will be. Use a jig saw to trim these rounded edges.

3. Sand the edges smooth.

4. Present the wood to the underside of the seat, drill 6mm holes and using the stainless steel bolts and gunnel washers fix the wood to the seat.

5. Using a canoe pole and set square position the rubber mast foot directly below the mast holder hole. Use masking tape to mark around the mast foot. Following the manufacturer’s instructions glue the mast foot into place.

There you have it all ready to sail away into the sunset.