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Outfitting a Canoe - Painters

What Are Painters?
Painters are lengths of rope attached to both bow and stern ends and are used for securing you canoe to the bank, towing and being towed, self-rescue, boat recovery and also for lining a canoe up or down difficult sections of water. There is much debate about the length of painters but as you will see in this how to you will learn how to keep the painters tidy and shortened when longer length isn’t needed.

The finished painters all neat and tidy

You Will Need

  1. 2 x 7m lengths of 8mm (or 10mm) Floating rope.
  2. Electrical tape.

1. Place a simple overhand knot loose approx. 300mm from the end of your rope then pass an end of one of the rope through your end loop.

2. Next thread the short end through the overhand knot.

3. Follow around the knot and pass the end down along the longer tail of the rope to create a simple overhand loop. Pull the knot tight.

4. Wrap electrical tape around the loose ends to tidy them together.

5. Now we tidy the length of the painter by crocheting the rope. Start by making a loop as shown.

6. Next bring a loop from the long end through your first loop as shown.

7. Bring another loop from the longer length through your second loop as shown and pull tight.

8. Continue repeating this pulling loop from the longer length through the previous loop to crochet the rope until you have approx. 2m of spare length left. The final loop you pull through completely to lock off the weave.

9. Your spare un-crocheted length should pass beyond the centre yolk by approx. 500mm.

10. Using a clove hitch tie the loose end on to the side of the centre yolk.

Repeat the process for the other painter and you are well and truly painted. (See what I did there? Painted… painter. Oh never mind I’ll get my coat)