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Outfitting a Canoe - Kneeling Mat

What is a Kneeling Mat?
A kneeling mat is the single most important comfort you will fit to your boat, especially if you are getting on a bit like me. It is a large sheet of fixed closed cell foam that you can kneel on when you are paddling and don’t need to keep adjusting like non fixed smaller mats. Some people just use knee pads but they were dropped at birth and as such turned out weird.

The finished article. Trust me you will be soooooo comfy with this installed.

You Will Need

  1. 3m of 10mm Closed Cell Foam sheet. (Camping mat foam)
  2. Waterproof contact adhesive spray.
  3. Sandpaper
  4. Pencil
  5. Stanley Knife
  6. Masking Tape
  7. Scissors

1. Test a small area of your foam and your boat with a spray of the contact adhesive to check that it doesn’t damage the materials.

2. Roll out your first piece of foam across the canoe just in front of the yolk and trim to size.

3. Place a strip of masking tape on the inside hull of the canoe along the front edge of your foam. This is to protect against overspray when you come to spray the glue in the boat. It is also your guide for placing the mat when gluing.

4. Remove the foam and lightly sand the area to be glued and ensure you remove any dirt and dust by utilising my patent pending tacky tape ball.

5. Spray glue inside the boat where the piece of foam will sit. Taking care when spraying by the masking tape so as not to overspray the tape.

6. Spray glue on the back side of the foam.

7. Leave the glue for a few minutes to go tacky and then place the foam into the boat over the glued area. You will have to be careful with your positioning as once the two surfaces meet they will bond almost instantly and you will have little chance to reposition the foam. Smooth down any air bubbles under the foam.

8. Repeat the process for your second sheet of foam and squeeze the edges of the two pieces together to form a tidy seam.

There you go all done super comfy paddling awaits you.