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How Tos'

Have a look around at my how to's. "I do not profess to be a genius but I have a damn good try". Some may be of use and some may be utter twaddle to you. If you have any suggestions to improve a how to, then please feel free to contact me. These how to's are for information only and you use them at your own discretion :-)

HTML Entities
A large listing of HTML entity codes for putting those gucci little characters
Random Password Generator
Following a password policy change at work and the subsequent "How do I create a password" from my end users. I cobbled together a bit of an ASP application that would allow users to create a strong random password. So here you go chaps and chapesses, it's a bit rough and ready and by the time you read this article I am sure I will have changed my live one. So fill ya boots and make use of it if you want.
Windows 7 Top 10 Admin Commands
If you do PC troubleshooting and regularly get your hands dirty identifying and fixing desktop problems then you will understand delving into the command line is regularly the thing to do. Here are 10 fundamental Windows 7 commands you might find helpful, which I have picked up from around the web and refer to on a regular basis. This is just a brief introduction to these commands and many, many more switches and commands are available on MS Tech Net.
Windows God Mode
Buried deep inside Windows 7 is a very handy little feature that brings together a host of settings for the way the operating system looks and works.