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3 Phase Calculator
As I work for an Electrical contractor at the moment I had a need for electrical phase calculations on a project I was doing so here is a simple phase calculator for your geeky enjoyment.
Salary Calculator
Looking for a new job? That increased salary looking pretty darned good? Well what if that new job you are looking at is a zillion miles further from home? You will be pretty hacked off if you find the extra salary you will be paid is eaten up by fuel or travelling expense. Use this excel document I created just to check how good that new job really is. Enter a few parameters and you will be given some idea of just how good it is. Best of luck in your job hunting by the way.
Vehicle Running Costs
Having worked for a Transport and Logistics company for quite some time and being an ex REME Recovery Mechanic, I have a bit of an obsession with vehicle running costs. Use this excel document to calculate how much your vehicle is costing you over a year. It needs a bit of dull maintenance each month such as entering your fuel receipts but you will be surprised just how much it does cost you.