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IT Budget Manager
As an IT Manager myself (and one with a demanding MD), I fully understand the need to keep track of spend within an IT department. There wasn't any free, simple and easy to use excel documents out there to manage my IT budget so I decided to make one myself. Just complete each tab with your required items and costs associated and it will group it all together in the front summary sheet. As you go through the year just enter your expenditure in the relevant sheet and a running total is again kept on the front summary sheet. All you need to do is print off the summary sheet for your demanding MD and that should keep them happy. The downloaded zip file contains both an Excel 97-03 .doc and an Excel 07 .xlsx
Mileage Summary Record
This file gives you somewhere to record your ongoing company mileage. It calculates your annual actual mileage and also segregates your annual tax mileage (April to March). You just enter your monthly mileage and you end up with a pretty bar graph. I used it when negotiating my company car allowance so the my MD could see the mileage I was doing.
Random Password Generator
Following a password policy change at work and the subsequent "How do I create a password" from my end users. I cobbled together a bit of an ASP application that would allow users to create a strong random password. So here you go chaps and chapesses, it's a bit rough and ready but make use of it if you want.