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About Me

Male, 47, GSOH, would like to meet... Oops! sorry wrong website.

Only joking, hello all from me (Brendan) in Great Eccleston near sunny Blackpool.

A Little Bit About Me
Male, 47 married to a wonderful wife (Sharon) for over 18 years now (you don't get that for murder nowadayshttp://www.songofthepaddle.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/whistle.gif) with absolutely stonking 12 and 21 year old sons who are both puzzled why dad throws himself down cold wet rivers on a regular basis, but they are being converted slowly. I am a bit of a cheeky chappie who tries not to take life too seriously and like a bit of a laugh and a joke now and then but I never mean any harm and I don't like to see people down.

Hobbies & Interests
Well der! Paddling obviously and mountains, occasionally at the same time. I also like real ale and collecting (and drinking) single malt whiskey (is there any other kind of whiskey???)

Paddling Career
I started out many years ago just doing Marathon paddling at various levels, competing on several occasions during my time in the Army. I did a bit of white-water paddling in my younger days along with a little open boating.
I got back into paddling about 9 years ago after many years away from it and converted fully to the dark side of WW and absolutely love it all now. I paddle now for "me" and not for any prizes so I like to try all disciplines of the sport, (I have even been known to try the darkest of the dark sides, Sea kayaking)
I’m a UKCC Level 2 Coach and love passing on my experience to others and also gaining experience from others (every day is a school day)
About 7 years ago I started to get more into open boating so my family could come along also, rather than being shuttle bunny and duty photographer. Since then it’s been open and WW boating all the way with bits of the other disciplines thrown in for good measure.
I am sure there are plenty of you out there that know [of] me from ukriversguidebook.co.uk either personally or as the Paperclip Guy so will appreciate that I am not a bad person and that, as I said earlier in my ramblings, I do not take life too seriously.

Likes & Dislikes
Likes - Der! http://www.songofthepaddle.co.uk/forum/images/smilies/confused.gifNeed you ask? Paddling, single malt and my family.
Dislikes - Not a lot tends to bother me and I always try to respect the opinions of others, however radical, but I do get a little miffed whenever people disrespect members of our uniformed services. I also despise bullying of any kind, physical, mental or electronic.

Where Do I Paddle
Pretty much anywhere that will have me, I have paddled all over the UK, quite a bit in Germany and Holland (marathon days), Switzerland, a few trips on rivers and lakes in New England (USA) and sea and river paddling in New Zealand.
My favourite trips are all of them but the stand out ones has to be the Etive (Scotland), Ullswater, Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire and sea kayaking in New Zealand.

Who Do I Paddle With
This one is easy, anyone who wants to come along or will let me tag along. I have been very fortunate to paddle with some "good" boaters who I have learnt a great deal from. I am in no way an expert paddler but I certainly feel I am a competent paddler and enjoy paddling with all abilities and am always looking to tag along on trips with others. Likewise, if I am ever out on the water and you are looking for a buddy to get your head wet with, please feel free to come and chat or give me a shout.

In Summary
As you have probably worked out, I can also ramble on a bit. I hope my website is of interest to you and you enjoy browsing around it.
See you on the water sometime.